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5:13am 08-26-2014
The Wolf
Rehearsals for what?
Borlange Gig or Tour?
Can´t wait for Friday! Ordered my copy by Amazon so I´ll sure get the "Auto-Rip" on First day:D
Fire your Guns,Boys - Notes from the Shadow,Tour and ... DVD?!?
3:04pm 08-13-2014
peter holmes
look forward too new album release at the end of august so happy regards peter
6:25pm 08-08-2014
AND a BIG thank you for putting the legion site to the LINKS.. for all you fans out there.. take a look at it.. and take a look to the fan site that TINA ALDRED runs.. feel free to participate on both...
6:20pm 08-08-2014
hi ASTRALS.. cool.. way about time that there is something going on here.. looking forward for further posts...UP THE ASTRALS !!!!!
3:31am 08-07-2014
Astral Doors
Testing the new guestbook...
Works! :D
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