6:18pm 02-17-2015
The Astral Friar
Having witnessed the short tour, all I can say is WOW. The new songs work and Notes takes its place on the Astral Alter with EIF and NR.
11:59am 02-13-2015
Katarzyna Wilk
Cheers from Poland guys :-) You are amazing band :-) Hope meet you someday in Poland. Keep my fingers crossed for you :-)
Great talent in music :-)
10:00am 01-25-2015
Great concert in Madrid!! Congratulations and thanks!! Astral doors the best
Volver pronto!!!
8:33am 12-31-2014
The Wolf
Happy New Year

And may it be a buisy one ;)
12:35pm 12-15-2014
Is there a chance to see you in 70000 Tons of Metal 2015? I hope so.
4:32am 11-28-2014
Michael Gibson
You guys are really great. Keep on putting out the excellent heavy metal.
1:34am 11-06-2014
Come to Serbiaaaa!!!!

5:00am 10-23-2014
The Wolf
Welcome Mats!

Sounds great, but it make more sense for live-performances so - TOUR ????
9:20pm 09-24-2014
I just listened to Astral Doors. Awesome album!!
7:06am 09-24-2014
The Astral Friar
The new album hails and kills. A monumental piece of work. Way heavier than the last album. Never say die! \~/
5:24am 09-23-2014
The Wolf
Nice for spain but it´s too far...
Hope for Vienna/Austria ?
7:25am 09-01-2014
Michael Gibson
I have a facebook metal site called the Heavy Metal Foundation Corpus Christi Chapter and would love to review your cd's on my page. Do you think you could send me one of each? I have been listening to the Seventh Crusade after accidently discovering it on youtube. It is an awesome song. I would assure you that you would get an honest review of your cd's from a true Metal expert.


Michael Gibson
506 Cole Street
Corpus Christi, Texas 78404
5:55pm 08-31-2014
The Astral Friar
An outstanding new album. Awesome keyboard contribution. Big thanks for The Legion of Rock link guys!
5:13am 08-26-2014
The Wolf
Rehearsals for what?
Borlange Gig or Tour?
Can´t wait for Friday! Ordered my copy by Amazon so I´ll sure get the "Auto-Rip" on First day:D
Fire your Guns,Boys - Notes from the Shadow,Tour and ... DVD?!?
3:04pm 08-13-2014
peter holmes
look forward too new album release at the end of august so happy regards peter
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