1:46am 05-18-2016
fantastic music guys! I absolutely love Notes from the Shadows. Any word on a new album?? I'm waiting anxiously for it!!!
1:20pm 04-09-2016
Lucas :-)
12:36am 04-06-2016
Hail brothers. I did a Astral Doors tattoo, how do I send a picture of it for you. Greetings from Brasil!!! \,,/
12:03am 02-22-2016
when is the great band ASTRAL DOORS coming to the USA, if ever?
5:27pm 11-09-2015
hej hörde att ni skulle spela på beast of the rock i Brunflo.nils har en liten önskan kan du inte spela en dio covers när du har munk kappan på dej. ja lovar att taket kommer lyfta då. om det inte går kommer ja var hel nöjd i alla fall för ni är verkligen kanon bra.j-e
12:08am 11-02-2015
Mikky B
Just got turned onto this, today is a damn good day
12:06pm 10-22-2015
Hi, I am a Big Fan from Astral Doors!! I miss you very in Germany!! Next Concert?? Next Tour?? I hope so..
3:58pm 10-21-2015
Uffe Carlsson
Hej där läget?...kanske låter konstigt med min mailaddress som Hvfan gillar er starkt och undrar om Hyllningen till Leksand finns att köpa från er eller så ...
9:55pm 08-24-2015
The Astral Friar
Time for a bio entry or band photo with Mats. Greetz to you guys and good luck with the new material.
2:07pm 08-17-2015
Is There a chance to see you in 70000 Tons of Metal??? Sweden is so far for me...
12:01pm 06-09-2015
Just discovered you guys for the first time and you're fantastic! Highlight of my week! It may be a long shot, but I'd love to see you perform down here in New Zealand one day! :)
8:55am 06-04-2015
:cheers::cheers:hey:tu: good music from a cool band
greetings from germany:cheers::cheers:
4:23am 05-30-2015
Augusto César
You Guys are AMAZING!!!
4:18pm 04-26-2015
Stockholm Bloodbath lyrics please :)
5:17am 03-18-2015
The Wolf
Nice Video, but still waitin´ for a Dvd:look:
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