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12:08am 11-02-2015
Mikky B
Just got turned onto this, today is a damn good day
12:06pm 10-22-2015
Hi, I am a Big Fan from Astral Doors!! I miss you very in Germany!! Next Concert?? Next Tour?? I hope so..
3:58pm 10-21-2015
Uffe Carlsson
Hej där läget?...kanske låter konstigt med min mailaddress som Hvfan gillar er starkt och undrar om Hyllningen till Leksand finns att köpa från er eller så ...
9:55pm 08-24-2015
The Astral Friar
Time for a bio entry or band photo with Mats. Greetz to you guys and good luck with the new material.
2:07pm 08-17-2015
Is There a chance to see you in 70000 Tons of Metal??? Sweden is so far for me...
12:01pm 06-09-2015
Just discovered you guys for the first time and you're fantastic! Highlight of my week! It may be a long shot, but I'd love to see you perform down here in New Zealand one day! :)
8:55am 06-04-2015
:cheers::cheers:hey:tu: good music from a cool band
greetings from germany:cheers::cheers:
4:23am 05-30-2015
Augusto César
You Guys are AMAZING!!!
4:18pm 04-26-2015
Stockholm Bloodbath lyrics please :)
5:17am 03-18-2015
The Wolf
Nice Video, but still waitin´ for a Dvd:look:
6:18pm 02-17-2015
The Astral Friar
Having witnessed the short tour, all I can say is WOW. The new songs work and Notes takes its place on the Astral Alter with EIF and NR.
11:59am 02-13-2015
Katarzyna Wilk
Cheers from Poland guys :-) You are amazing band :-) Hope meet you someday in Poland. Keep my fingers crossed for you :-)
Great talent in music :-)
10:00am 01-25-2015
Great concert in Madrid!! Congratulations and thanks!! Astral doors the best
Volver pronto!!!
8:33am 12-31-2014
The Wolf
Happy New Year

And may it be a buisy one ;)
12:35pm 12-15-2014
Is there a chance to see you in 70000 Tons of Metal 2015? I hope so.
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