6:53am 11-08-2022
never stopped listening 2 astral doors ever since that fateful day back in 2018! \m/
6:04pm 02-22-2022
Need you guys to tour in the U.S. Soon please!
6:20pm 11-28-2021
Just discovered Astral Doors, you guys rock!
11:38am 11-17-2021
Keep the metal flowing
6:56pm 06-23-2021
Manuel contreras
Gracias por CREAR nuevo metal gracias infinitas
9:01pm 08-20-2019
Hello from Florida I've been a fan of Nils since weathering nights thru lions share , Astral doors and , Civil War and I must say Astral Doors being myfavorite band I was cranking on Cloud Breaker CD and some walked by a friend and said I was to old for that type of music I m 60 and it's metal til death I told him keep up the awesome music and albums the new one is another jem. Thanks for being so awesome your fan for life. Mike.
11:09pm 08-16-2019
Greg Harley
Rockin the tunes in Toledo Ohio USA
6:38pm 06-28-2019
Hej! Undrar bara om alla tidigare cd’ kommer att släppas på vinyl? Mvh Mikael
8:59am 04-10-2019
Werner Kuttig
Hi guys. I feel VERY HONOURED to be mentioned with the slogan SUPER FAN. You guys rule. Proud to be a Legionnaire. CU hopefully soon
7:47am 04-10-2019
The Friar
Greetz from The Okanagan Valley to the greatest band on Earth! Congrats on the new album, which is sure be a corker! \~/
4:52am 04-10-2019
Casey Cotreau
Loving the new layout for the website and cannot wait for Worship Or Die
9:55pm 12-23-2018
I hope you will record a cover album in memory of Ronnie James Dio)
Gread band, I would like to hear you live, but I'm from Russia...
12:52am 12-22-2018
Roberto Rojas
Come to Monterrey! MX
3:45pm 11-25-2018
Офигенная музыка! Отличный саунд и вокал! Привет из Беларуси!
2:20am 07-23-2018
Astral Doors Rules!!! Brazilian fans
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